Mrs. Gross' Classroom

Frequently Asked Questions

♥ What supplies do I need?

Recommended supplies:

PHOTOGRAPHY: 1 composition notebook, pencil, $20 donation for camera maintenance & supplies

ART: old t-shirt or apron (optional), $20 donation for art materials, everything we will be using for projects is already provided

♥ What do I need to bring to class everyday?

To help with success in the classroom, students should bring their: Miller planner, notebook, and the supplies above. 

♥ What are the class rules?

Follow Miller's school beliefs.

Respect the teacher. Respect each other. Respect the classroom. Respect yourself.

♥ What are the consequences for breaking the rules?

1) Verbal warning   2) Trash duty   3) Wednesday after school detention

                       4) Classroom Behavior Report  5) Discipline Report

→ Automatic Trash Duty for: excessive interruptions or talking, passing notes, leaving a mess, demonstrating disrespect

♥ What can I do if I finish my work early?

Students are expected to spend adequate time on an assignment or project, and demonstrate effort in applying the skills to the best of their ability. After classwork is completed you may read, draw, work on homework, work on assignments for another class, help Mrs. Gross with in class tasks, clean room, desk, or binder.

♥ What are the grading policies?

→ Art: Like academic subjects, students are expected to complete all assignments on time and make up anything that was missed while absent. With art, I am mainly grading the student on effort and if they are applying the skills to the best of their ability. As long as students are staying on task, applying the concepts, and turning in assignments they are capable of a high score. I expect all students to have an open mind and respectful attitude when coming into the class.

→ Photography: Students are expected to participate in class discussion and lecture, take notes, and use the equipment properly. All assignments are points based, depending on the type of assignment or activity. As long as students are staying on task, applying the concepts, keeping up with assignments and applying concepts the best they can, they are capable of a high score. Students should go beyond the "bare minimum" and push themselves towards continuous improvement. Types of assignments/activities that will be graded: notes, discussion questions, photo assignments, quizzes, and peer critiques.